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(Kids Unlimited is a ministry of Mission 316 Church.)



How many weeks does Kids Unlimited run?
KU usually runs about nine weeks.  The summer session is a bit shorter.  The last week, we always present a closing program, and we want ALL KIDS to participate in it!

What if my child is not old enough for the class age requirement?

There are age requirements for each class.  It's important to abide by the ages. You may speak with the director if your child is within "weeks" of qualifying, but for the benefit and safety of your child and all participating children, we stick closely to the established age limits. Most classes are designed for children kindergarten through 5th grade, and we NOW OFFER A CLASS JUST FOR TEENS (6TH GRADE AND UP). A simple preschool class is offered for 3- to 4-year-olds; it does not focus on a particular skill or talent.

Is Kids Unlimited offered during the week, or is it only on Sundays?
Currently our classes take place on Sunday mornings. Eventually we want to offer classes during the week when we get adequate facilities.

Is the program really free?
YES! These classes are offered at no charge. Because we are a ministry, we depend on gifts from parents and church members, but it’s our vision to continually offer it to the community FREE. This way, everyone can participate!

We do ask, however, if you register your child, you COMMIT to bringing them each week. We reserve a space our child, so please let us know if you cannot make a class for any reason. And please consider making a donation to the program on this website--just click the "Donate" tab! 

Does my child have to bring anything?
Generally, everything is supplied that is needed. If a class requires an instrument (such as Guitar) or dance shoes, etc. we will always note it on the registration page. The child will need to provide these items. 

What do I do while my kids are in class?

Parents are encouraged to stay for the worship service offered by Mission 316 Church (the sponsor of Kids Unlimited). You may also leave and return for them at 11:20 AM. Consider volunteering to assist the coaches!

Can my child enroll in more than one class?
No. All classes are offered at the same time.  However, each season your child can enroll in a different class or take the same one again.

How important is it that I follow through once I've registered?

Because space is so limited, we count on your attendance. Please do not register if you are uncertain you can attend. 

What if I have trouble registering on the registration page?
When you go to the registration page, make sure that you fill out each tab completely (i.e., "Parents," "Kids," "Contact," and "Comments"). This will ensure your registration is complete. You may have difficulty filling out the registrations form on your tablet or cell phone. If all else fails, call our director, Karla Merino,  M-F from 1 PM
to 6 PM, and she’ll be glad to help you!

Can I sign my kids in and then return later and pick them up?
Yes, you can. We encourage everyone to consider attending the non-denominational service of Mission 316 Church (KU is a ministry of M316.) The service is held at the same time as the classes, and it ends in time for you to pick up your kids. This allows you to stay on-site.  You may also want to consider volunteering to help in your child's class! Mission 316 serves a free light brunch for everyone after the classes.  

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to submit them here on the website, or give us a call at 760.593.4558.  We exist to serve your family! 

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